Our extensive hands-on experience has given us acute insights into what really gives businesses an advantage. We can advise, consult and generally take the weight off your shoulders in all kinds of areas, including the following:


Start-ups, company formation

We'll help you decide what form of business set up is most appropriate for your needs, and guide you through the necessary processes and registrations. 

Business plans and forecasts

A business plan is essential to get started, and should be in place throughout the lifetime of a business. More than that however, it's often a vital part of the jigsaw to acquire funding partners – and PIP Solutions can help you put all the pieces together.

Structuring, re-structuring

Flexibility is the name of the game. PIP Solutions has considerable experience in setting up businesses to achieve the objectives that their shareholders or partners expect from them. Sometimes these objectives change, and we'll help you to refocus your business.

Bookkeeping advice

From plastic bags of receipts to the latest online cloud-based accounting systems, PIP Solutions has seen them all. The bottom line with bookkeeping is time: The more efficiently a business deals with its ongoing administration, the faster they can be on their feet when circumstances change. It also prevents the classic last-minute rush as the statutory deadlines loom. We'll help you set up the most appropriate system for your business.